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Was € 288.75 NOW € 231 Ask For Availability. Product descriptionChildLockIt’s easy to accidentally turn the hob on or off when you’re occupied with various activities in the kitchen. Especially if there are children in your home. To limit this risk, Amica hobs are equipped with a special lock. Turn the lock, and you have full control. Safety for all household members! Sensor control systemIt’s nothing but benefits. The Sensor control system gives you access to many advanced functions, including accurate heating power selection, time-controlled cooking, and panel lock. With no elements protruding from the hob surface, you can clean it quickly and easily, and avoid tiresome and time-consuming scrubbing. HeatControlThe function informs you whether the zone is hot after taking the pot off the hob. For temperatures above 60°C, the letter 'H' appears on the display panel. Between 45°C and 60°C, the letter 'h' appears. Make your kitchen work more safe! TimerThis function allows you to set the cooking time (max 99 min.) for each individual part of your hob, which makes it easier than ever to prepare several dishes at once. When the time expires, the zone switches off and alerts you with an aural signal. Rapid preheatingYou often need to heat up a pan or a pot before cooking. Amica hobs now feature a rapid preheating function, which will quickly and automatically warm up the dish and adjust the power to the heating level of your choice. Enjoy your new-found comfort!

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