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Was € 472.50 NOW € 378 Ask For Availability. Product descriptionIlluminated edgePractical elegance and safety. These words perfectly reflect the nature of this function. Turning the hob on also causes the subtle edge illumination at the oven’s front to appear. The lighting disappears once the hob becomes cold. PowerBoosterDon’t waste time in the kitchen, when you can devote it to leisure! The PowerBooster function can help you with that, as it increases the heating power, and allows you to prepare meals quicker. You can boil water in less than 3 minutes! Shorter cooking or frying time means less precious nutrients are lost in the process. Quick and healthy! CookAdaptSmart hob? Precisely! Choose the zone, place the pot, and the hob will adapt the heating surface to the pot’s shape and size. Using the hob becomes safer, and more economical, as it allows you to fully control the energy use. TimerSpecify how long the hob should run. When the time is up, the hob automatically turns off the heating zone, and beeps. Now you can use the Timer as an egg timer. With the Amica hobs, a soft-boiled egg won’t ever turn out to be hard-boiled. Have full control over time! ChildLockIt’s easy to accidentally turn the hob on or off when you’re occupied with various activities in the kitchen. Especially if there are children in your home. To limit this risk, Amica hobs are equipped with a special lock. Turn the lock, and you have full control. Safety for all household members! Heat maintainerSurely, it must’ve happened at least once that you burnt the meal because of too high a heating power. Precisely to avoid such situations, Amica induction hobs are equipped with the Heat maintainer function. Just choose this function, and the temperature for the chosen heating zone will be set to 65 ⁰C. This temperature is ideal for serving soups, among other things. With this function, the meal is always ready for service!

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