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Was € 317.5 NOW € 254 Ask For Availability. Product descriptionExtraSpaceDo you happen to be a cooking enthusiast? The Amica gas hobs now feature even more space for bigger pots! Thanks to the new and improved design, the distance between the burners has been increased, even though the hob’s standard dimensions have remained unchanged. Thanks to this, not only can you now use larger cookware, but you can also use several large cookware pieces at a time. More space for better cooking comfort! WOK burnerHaving a party, and want to serve your favourite Asian meal, prepared in a wok? Now, with the WOK burner, you can cook the meal to perfection. This burner has a triple flame and is ideal for preparing meals in large pots, frying pans and woks This solution makes your meals evenly fried and cooked, without the risk of burns, undercooking or losing nutrients. All you have to do now is savour the party. Stable cast iron pan supportsPan supports which are unstable and difficult to clean are no longer a problem. Amica gas hobs are fitted with new, strong, and stable cast iron pan supports which can be washed in the dishwasher for your convenience. You can slide the pans, while the supports remain in position. Perfect design for kitchen convenience. Hob surface Gas hob on glassNo more time and energy wasted on getting rid of tough stains from the hob. Amica gas hobs are designed in such a way that means removing all stains takes only a moment. All thanks to the perfectly smooth surface made of high quality tempered glass. Savour the convenience! Auto ignition in the knobVery comfortable solution with ignition function in the knob. Just push and turn the knob to start cooking, the flame will start automatically. Flame safety valveThe hob will cut off the gas supply immediately if the flame is accidentally extinguished. This way, cooking will always be safe.

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