BK2265.4 BUILD IN FRIDGE FREEZER H144 Malta,  Refrigerators Malta,  Homes by BDI Malta  BK2265.4 BUILD IN FRIDGE FREEZER H144 Malta,  Refrigerators Malta,  Homes by BDI Malta  BK2265.4 BUILD IN FRIDGE FREEZER H144 Malta,  Refrigerators Malta,  Homes by BDI Malta





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Was € 433.75 NOW € 347 Ask For Availability. Product descriptionUniversal door L/RDoes the fridge fit perfectly in our kitchen, but the door opens the wrong way? No problem! For fridges with the universal door feature there are mounting holes on both sides, so the doors can open the way we want them! And then if we later remodel the kitchen or move home, we can easily and simply change the door to open from the other side... We install, we decide! Bottle shelfWe open the refrigerator... and a glass bottle rolls out and falls to the floor... Not if we have a special bottle shelf! A special fitted shelf keeps our bottles in their places, and allows us to make optimal use of the space in the compartment. We can fold and store the shelf, or remove it when not required. No more stuffing bottles in, and dreading it when we open the door. DoorShelfWhere is that jar of our favourite jam? Small products placed on different shelves can make it hard to find when we need them. That is why Amica appliances are equipped with DoorShelf - a set of balconies perfect for storing small items, including jars and bottles. Now we always know where to find them, simply and easily. Order and convenience! SlideSystemBefore our kitchen can be beautiful, we may have to struggle with fitting the furniture... Unless our refrigerator includes the helpful Slide System! This gives a unique level of convenience - all the weight of the door and outer panel rest on a special slide hinge. Now fitting the appliances is easy, so we can enjoy our kitchen quicker and with less sweat! Quiet operationNoisy fridges can be irritating, especially in the evening, or when the kitchen is connected to the living room. But this is no longer a problem! Amica fridges with the Quiet operation feature are designed to limit the noise generated by the mechanical elements. This solution ensures a better environment for everyone. Fewer decibels, better relaxation. SafetyGlassNot sure if the shelves can take a bigger load? No worries! Amica uses the SafetyGlass technology in its refrigerators - the shelves are made out of hardened glass, which not only increases their hardness and toughness, but also improve safety. Even if a shelf breaks, it will not fill the compartment with tiny pieces. Safety even with bigger loads!Fruit and vegetable containerLED lightingAutomatic defrostingMechanicalControlEgg tray

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