DIM425AZS DISHWASHER BUILD IN 45CM Malta,  Dish Washers Malta,  Homes by BDI Malta  DIM425AZS DISHWASHER BUILD IN 45CM Malta,  Dish Washers Malta,  Homes by BDI Malta


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Was € 575 NOW € 460 Ask For Availability. Product descriptionHotAir SystemDry dishes and a perfectly hygienic kitchen. The HotAir System dries the dishes in the dishwasher by water flash-off and condensation. The water is hot from the high temperature of the last rinse and flashes off from the dishes. The dishwasher interior and the air inside are hot, while the dishes remain dry. The HotAir System helps do away almost every time with wiping the dishes dry with a cloth – a perfect breeding space for dangerous germs. It’s clean, it’s hygienic, it’s convenient. Low water consumptionIf we care for the environment and our home budget, we are bound to appreciate dishwashers which need less water per cycle without compromising superior results. This means savings every time we use the dishwasher! Economical and ecological washing in one. Motor Twin-SpeedWe can wash different items of tableware in one cycle. Those fragile tea cups need different treatment than heavy pots. Now the new brush-free motor in the Amica dishwasher provides separate water pressure levels, so that fragile cups and glasses in the top rack are safe from damage while the pots and pans in the bottom rack see some heavy-duty washing for the thick and persistent grime. The dishwasher runs with less noise, consumes less energy, and the motor is more durable. SlidingDoorWe no longer need a host of professionals to help, to browse the web for installation tutorials, or to learn the operating manual by heart. The hinges that facilitate the dishwasher door front panel installation do away with tedious trimming and adjustment of the base under the appliance. Now installing our dishwasher is easy as pie. ShineDoseWe set the programme, turn the dishwasher on... and the detergent is not being dispensed as it should be, because the dishware prevents the dispenser from opening! Here the detergent dispenser features a sliding flap opening action to prevent this problem. The detergent is always released when needed, for perfect washing results and our peace of mind. The small rinse aid dispenser keeps the dishes perfectly clean and shiny, with electronic dosing of just the right amount of the rinse aid. Start delayYou can plan your whole day. Why not also schedule your chores at home? Just choose the right moment to start dishwashing with the start delay function. Set the dishwasher to start the cycle while you are away from home, to finish by the time you return from enjoying an afternoon relaxing. The maximum start delay time is 24 hours, so you can even start the cycle at night, when your energy plan is at a lower tariff. Amica dishwashers are all about convenience and customisation, specifically for our needs.

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