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Was € 447.50  NOW € 358 Ask For Availability. Product descriptionSensor control systemOperate the controls with convenience, without time wasted on keeping them clean! Finding and setting programmes is now faster and easier, with the touch sensors to replace obsolete mechanical knobs and push-buttons. The touch sensors are placed beneath the smooth and solid control panel surface. This helps keep the front panel of our microwave oven clean and neat. No gaps means no place for dirt and grime to accumulate. The pleasure of control! Touch-sensor operated door openingForget obsolete push-buttons and knobs: touch-sensor door opening is convenient and highly aesthetic. It requires zero effort: a gentle touch is all it takes to automatically open the door. The control panel is flat and without any gaps around push-buttons or other mechanical controls. This helps in keeping everything clean. This is pure convenience. Preset programmesMust choosing the right cooking power and duration be such a problem? Not if you use an Amica microwave oven. Insert the meal, specify its weight, select its type, and the microwave oven chooses the appropriate programme. It’s easy and convenient. CombigrillA crispy, grilled meal straight from a microwave oven? Precisely! The Combigrill function in Amica microwave ovens combines microwaves and the grill function. With this function, the meal is perfectly warm, and the crust is delicious and crispy. Bon appetit! Quick StartYou come home. You feel hungry, and you need to eat something right away. The QuickStart function is ideal for such situations. One click, and the oven is on. Your favourite meal is ready in an instant. MultiWave SystemYou adore lasagne, but does it often happen to you that after heating it in a microwave oven, it is burnt on the outside, and still cold on the inside? With the Amica microwave oven, you can rest assured that your lasagne is always cooked to perfection. All thanks to the several microwave emission points which, combined with the rotating plate, make the meal evenly warmed up on the outside, as well as on the inside.

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